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Hi. My name is Ben, and I am a graphic/web designer and developer. Hometown is Jakarta, Indonesia but currently Bangkok, Thailand is home. I started full-time freelancing in 2009, ending a nearly 6-year of 9 to 5 career with the Karma Royal Group in Bali, Indonesia. My last job title was as the Assistant to Creative Director. I have passion for web design and I love what I do and I just can't get enough of exploring the www. I am available and would love to be of assistance to your web projects.

  • Word Press
  • jQuery
  • Java Script
  • HTML5
  • Graphic Design
  • CSS3
  • Accessibility

What I Do

I Solve Problems

*Based on 'Design Foundation' Class by Matt Helme, Team Treehouse
The design process is actually a process of problem-solving. A simple 'I need a website now' doesn't really mean that a problem is defined. A need of a website, a brand identity, a marketing brochure, and etc. must have come out of existing problem(s). Why would you need a website / have yours re-designed? What are you trying to achieve by having one? And so on. To my experience, some clients wouldn't even sure the whys of these. But don't worry, because that is actually when I start to help you - identifying the problems.

  • #1 – Preparation

    To understand and define

    This is the first step of the problem solving. Now don’t worry it won’t be pages of questionnaires written in Urkelish and all that. Let’s get real and see what needs to be done. I mean, why would you need a super corporate website while you will be selling cupcakes? It is very important to create something that is tailored especially for your requirements, and as your designer, I ‘d like you to be comfortable with your own website and able to do real stuff with it.

  • #2 – Planning

    Organizing, put things together

    After the problems are identified, now let’s come up with a plan.  We will look through the list of problems and see how you would like to have each to be resolved. OK now why I said ‘we’ instead of ‘I will look through’? Isn’t that my part? Because this is the stage that will end up with agreement from both sides on what are the things to be done and how. And yes, no worries about the plan, I’ll come up with suggestion of possible solutions. I just need your consent that’s all.

  • #3 – Performing

    Let’s get busy

    Once I got a green light, paperworks done, etc then it’s time to make things happen. I will do my best at this point. I can’t guarantee you the most cutting-edge website and that I’m a super master coding Jedi (yea I don’t get what is it with geeks and StarWars either) but I can guarantee you I will do my best to make it as efficient, functional, and of course, make you smile when you look at it. It may not be the most sophisticated, but for sure I will deliver a website you love – your website. Ok I need my coffee already.

  • #4 – Perfecting

    Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate

    This is the phase that commonly misunderstood. ‘To Perfect’ doesn’t mean to perfect things prior to delivery of final and usable website. ‘To Perfect’ means evaluating the solutions that has just been carried out. Is it really working as expected? Could it really solve the problems? Is it really the best way of doing it?

So does it stop there?


As you can see when we reached the fourth stage – Perfecting, we actually go back to the first stage of the process – to see, to understand, to Prepare what is next. So actually, ‘to Perfect’ is the process that will never end. Why? Because we see new technologies everyday, hence there will always be ‘better ways of doing it’. Business will grow or change course. There will be more solutions needed to ‘new problems’, or what used to be deemed necessary are no longer needed, and so on. At this stage, my clients can always be sure that they have me on their side.  I will never create then just leave, unless my client made me do so.

Recent Works

Just some of the ongoing problem-solving on hand that now are continuously being perfected. These are just few of them, I will upload more soon!

  • Gudang Gambar

    Gudang Gambar

  • Le Muguet Floral

    Le Muguet Floral

  • DJ Otto

    DJ Otto


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